The Elder Scrolls VI: Valenwood
As a true follower of The Elder Scrolls franchise, I came up with this fan art / concept work for a game that I think would be worth playing.
Following the end of the Great War, Valenwood has become a place of unrest and rebellion. The Aldmeri Dominion — once a unifying body among the elven races — has become fractured and disparate. The Thalmor government is becoming increasingly more paranoid, killing those who don’t support their belligerent views of domination. Rebellions have sprung up around the country, creating further unrest across all of Valenwood. And all the while, an ancient evil has returned to the mortal realm, threatening to destroy the very fabric of the physical world. Auriel, the god of Light, senses the breaking spirit of his people and their livelihood. In order to save the world from chaos, he will choose a champion to lead his people with glory and light; a person who, from the lowest ranks of fortune, will become a savior of the Mer and an equal among the Gods.

*This is a concept project not commissioned by the Bethesda company or The Elder Scrolls franchise.