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The world's leading solar energy delivery service and solar adapter supply company

Mission of Hope

Nonprofit organization bringing water and sanitation to the world

Urban Decay

Makeup that's feminine, a little dangerous, and a lot of fun

Personal Branding

Personal branding logo, rigged for a delightfully violently explosion

Asian Games 2017

International competitive games across Asia, taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam


Archery  -   Baseball  -   Basketball   -  Golf  -   Soccer   -   Taekwondo

Joules Staffing

Reliable staffing service for science-related occupations

Atlas & Apollo

Premium silicone oven mitts and pot holders for quality cooking experiences

Kenneth Blanton

Full-stack web developer freelancing in the Atlanta area

Calafant Toys

Childrens' toy and game company

Whistlin' Willy's

Family-friendly pizza restaurants from the TV show South Park


Wireless video game controllers and accessories

South African Airlines

Popular airline throughout all of Africa

Master Cuisine

Lower-end kitchen supply and cookware products

Lacquer & Press

Concept company that presses custom song mixes onto vinyl LP's

Starbucks Intern

Coffee and food delivery service from Starbucks

David Babayev

Interactive web developer based in the Atlanta area

Organic Infusions

A tea company creating all-natural, DIY brewing kits and tea blends

DropCap Rights Agency

International publishing rights company

Ricky Mucciaccio

Independent insurance agent operating primarily in the mountain states

Nanny's Muffins

Small yet delicious bakery and muffin shoppe based in the Cleveland, OH area