TEGNA News Graphics
Variety of on-air and broadcast graphics for news stations all over the country. Projects cover a variety of deliverables including vector animations, augmented-reality reporting, 3D compositing, photographic stingers, and other visual effects.
This animated piece for KHOU in Houston breaks down the Texans' long wait for a Super Bowl crown.
WXIA's Andy Pierotti discusses anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the United States.
Animated short explaining the history of Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod.
Comical short about power line outages and the mischievous critters that cause them.
Digital billboard for the Auction of Washington Wines, created for KING in Seattle.
Compilation of stingers and show opens for a variety of TEGNA news stations.
Variety of opens for several newscast segments for PDX in Portland.
Sales sponsor commercial made for KING in Seattle.
Inspirational opening for the franchise news segment "It Takes a Village."
2018 TEGNA Design Tank reel, showcasing a wide variety of artists' work over the past year.